Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC


Stanley Park is a world renowned 1,001-acre public park bordering downtown Vancouver
and is almost entirely surrounded by waters of the Pacific Ocean.

This is a moderate walking tour area, relatively flat and covering a moderate distance.

We focus on specific settings and techniques for:

Composition & Impact
Creating Abstracts Through Motion
Aperture -More Then Depth of Field


As Vancouver’s first park, with its ever-blooming gardens, pristine coastal areas and roughly 500,000 cedar, fir and hemlock trees, Stanley Park is recognized as one of the greatest urban parks in the world and has continued to live up to its “greenspace” designation for more than 120 years.

Ideally situated on a peninsula at the northwestern edge of downtown, Stanley Park is one of the city’s main tourist destinations and is full of fascinating landmark heritage destinations, including First Nation artworks, sculptures, fountains and a lighthouse.

Stanley Park group photo tours will explore a different area of this amazing natural oasis offering a mix of nature and city skylines, year round beauty, opportunities for wildlife photography – ducks, geese, swans, herons, raccoons, beavers, more….

Your local photography expert will focus on giving you tips on composition for greater visual impact and some specific techniques to explore creativity with your camera.

For stories and the history of Stanley park, click here.

At this time there aren’t any Group Photo Tours schedule for Stanley Park, please choose a private tour to match your schedule or one of other locations.