Feedback on Your Images

Photo Tours Vancouver fall leaves and shadows by Aura McKay
In-depth and personal image critique feedback videos with specific suggestions to help you
become a better photographer.

 Wish you could get meaningful feedback on your photography skills and style development?

Want help selecting the best images for sharing?

Looking for specific tips on how post-processing can help you achieve your full creative vision?

Confused about why a photograph did or did not work?

Ready to learn more about your technical and creative choices?

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“Great feedback on my photographic style and my overall image choices.  It was really interesting to hear an objective reaction to my work!” – Sophie B.
“Your feedback makes perfect sense and the video format is very effective! Thank you!” – Brian S.
“I liked how you gave examples of how you’d process the photos, and talked about what worked and what didn’t, and especially how to improve the things that didn’t work. ” – Earl
Check out these examples of some processing tips offered during a personal image review video.

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