Historic Gastown, Vancouver, BC

Historic Gastown is considered the birth place of Vancouver.
Most of the major events that have occurred since Vancouver’s story began, happened in or within blocks of Gastown.

This is an easy walking tour neighborhood, relatively flat and everything is within a 5 to 7 blocks.

We focus on specific settings and techniques for:

Candid people street photography
Story telling / photojournalism
Travel walk around exposure settings


This historic district’s cobblestone streets are lined with Victorian buildings that today house everything from souvenir shops and First Nations galleries to stylish clothing boutiques. Two of the city’s landmarks are here – one of only a few functioning Steam Clocks left in the world and a statue of Gassy Jack; the colorful Fraser River pilot, gold miner, sailor, saloon keeper, hotel proprietor and visionary who saw a great future ahead for what eventually became Vancouver.

A perfect area to learn new street photography and travel photojournalism techniques!  Group photo tours here offer unique architecture and a variety of people watching while enjoying some of the history of Vancouver.

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